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Sully is our wonderful facility dog here at BHS. He was provided through a partnership grant with ALSDE and Service Dogs of Alabama. Sully is a full time faculty member that provides services at Boaz High School and Boaz Elementary School. He lives with his handlers Josh and Juddie Walker. Josh is the principal at Boaz Elementary and Juddie is the media specialist at Boaz High School. Sully has received intensive training for a year and a half to get him ready to work in a school environment. Below are just a few of the goals of facility dogs placed in schools:

  • To reduce stress in the classroom, during a counseling sessions, or during testing. 
  • To create opportunities for inclusion and participation for all students.
  • To deflect any opportunities for conflict and diffuse defiant and disruptive behaviors.

Boaz is thankful that we were selected to receive such a wonderful dog who provides love, friendship, comfort, and support for our students and faculty.