• Corley Crew Mentoring Program


    We A.R.R.G.H Boaz!

    Attentive, Responsible, Respectful, Generous, Honest


    Our Purpose

    Our purpose is to know and encourage all of our students. Every child should have an advocate. Please get to know your crew member and discuss the importance of We ARRGH Boaz! Being attentive, responsible, respectful, generous, and honest is how we will ensure acceptable behavior. We want to meet with each child review their STAR scores, behavior, and attendance.


    Why select a Corley Crew?

    Our school is designed to only communicate with our pod classes alone. This gives our Corley Community several days to meet other students, faculty members, and community leaders.


    We will meet our crew on progress report and report card days from 8:00-8:30.


    Measurement of Success (Data collected by principal)

    Academic - PR of 90% or higher 5 points      PR of 80% or higher 4 points

    Behavior - Jewels, Coins, and Cannonballs given by mentors

    Jewels - 5 points

    Coins - 1 point

    Cannonballs - minus 1 point  

    Attendance - Perfect Attendance 5 points


    Celebration Dates - Lunchroom is decorated the Crew Color with special activity in the afternoon.