• Mission Statement

    In promoting the Boaz City School’s E4 vision, an expectation of excellence everyday by everyone, the school guidance and counseling program will encourage the love of learning and strive for excellence by providing opportunities for each student to succeed academically, personally, and socially.



    The purpose of the Corley Elementary Guidance and Counseling Program is to assist students as they develop intellectually, socially, and personally. The Alabama Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Program and the American School Counseling Association both provide standards that contain a framework for the purpose and focus of the counseling program.  The standards address the counseling curriculum and content that students will develop as a result of the guidance and counseling program.


    Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program

    The Guidance program is organized around three components essential for student growth and development.  The goals and objectives of the Guidance and Counseling Program at Corley Elementary School were adopted from the National Standards for School Counseling Programs and change according to what is age appropriate.

    * Academic Development

    * Career Development

    * Personal/Social Development

    Goals of the CES Guidance Program

    • To improve academic self-concept.
    • To improve social self-concept.
    • To acquire skills for improving learning.
    • To lead students in mentoring and leadership activities.
    • To achieve school success.
    • To improve learning.
    • To plan to achieve goals.


    Academic Development

    Career Development

    + Personal/Social Development

    = Student Success