Communications Information

  • Communications Information

    The purpose of the Communications Department is to foster relationships and promote communication with internal and external stakeholders.  The Communications Department relies on a two-way communication process that serves to inform and promote Boaz City Schools.  By focusing on proactive communications, as well as communicating challenges, we are able to build trust with our stakeholders and build a climate of openness and inclusiveness.

    Our Communications Goals:

    1. Support the district’s Vision, Mission, and Beliefs by aligning communication efforts with the district’s overall strategic plan. Utilize the strategic communication process of research, planning, implementation, and evaluation to support this work.
    2. Develop and maintain positive, collaborative relationships with all stakeholders to strengthen support for the district, schools, students, and staff.
    3. Develop and maintain transparency in school district operations as well as procedures for handling crisis.
    4. Utilize a variety of communication channels to promote and enhance the district’s brand identity by sharing positive, personal stories of success.
    5. Provide transparent, two-way communication to both internal and external stakeholders that strengthens trust, promotes positive school culture, and increases community engagement.