Title I

  • Title I is the largest federal funding source to local educational agencies under ESEA. It is designed to ensure that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach, at a minimum, proficiency on challenging state academic standards and state academic assessments. The Title I mission is to ensure that each child successfully meets or exceeds Alabama's proficient and advanced levels of student performance and meets or exceeds expectations on local, state, and national assessments.

    Performance Goals of the Title I program are to:

    • Ensure that high-quality academic assessments, accountability systems, and teacher preparation are aligned with challenging State academic standards so that students, teachers, parents, and administrators can measure progress against common expectations for student academic achievement.
    • Meet the educational needs of any student at risk of failing in school wide programs, limited English proficient children, migratory children, children with disabilities, and neglected or delinquent children.
    • Significantly elevate the quality of instruction by providing staff in participating schools with substantial opportunities for professional development.
    • Ensure that all students will be educated in learning environments that are safe, drug free, and conducive to learning.
    • Afford all students the opportunity to graduate from high school.
    • Present parents with substantial and meaningful opportunities to participate in the education of their children.

    Title I funds in BCSS provide:

    • Certified teachers
    • Paraprofessionals
    • Opportunities for professional development for school staff
    • Additional learning time for Title I students
    • Supplemental teaching / classroom materials and programs
    • Opportunities to update classroom technology through the purchase of computers, iPads, and Smartboards
      • Assistance to students experiencing transitional or inappropriate housing as defined by Title X
      • Supplement all programs for English Language Learners