Drug Free Policy

  • It is the intent of the Boaz City Board of Education that our schools remain safe and drug free for all students and school employees. The Board, therefore, has established policies and practices consistent with laws that promote a safe school environment -- free of illegal drugs, alcohol, or weapons on a school bus or campus. 

    Drug Dealing (Act 94-783): A person who unlawfully sells, furnishes or gives a controlled substance to a minor may be liable for injury or damage or both suffered by a third person caused by or resulting from the use of the controlled substance by the minor if the sale, furnishing or giving of the controlled substance is the proximate cause of the injury or damage. 

    Drugs, Alcohol, Weapons, Physical Harm or Threatened Physical Harm (Act 94-784): The school principal shall notify appropriate law enforcement officials when a person violates local board of education policies concerning drugs, alcohol, weapons, physical harm to a person or threatened physical harm to a person. If any criminal charge is warranted, the principal is authorized to sign the appropriate warrant. If that person is a student, the local school system shall immediately suspend that person from attending regular classes and schedule a hearing within 5 school days. 

    If a person is found to have violated a local board of education policy concerning drugs, alcohol, weapons, physical harm to a person or threatened physical harm to a person, the person may not be readmitted to the public schools until criminal charges, if any, have been disposed of by appropriate authorities and the person has satisfied all other requirements imposed by the local board of education as a condition for readmission.