• Immunizations

    Statement from the Marshall County Health Department :

    How to get your Child Vaccinated at the Marshall County Health Department :

    Please call Marshall County Health Department at 256-582-3174 for an appointment.

    Walk ins are not guarenteed to be seen that day, appointments are taken first. 

    Immunization Chart Links:

    Immunizations Birth to 6 Years
    Immunizations Birth to 6 Years Spanish
    Immunizations 7-18 Years Old
    Immunizations 7-18 Years Old (Spanish)

    Every student in Alabama must present and keep a current Certificate of Immunization (blue slip) when enrolling in school.  The student will not be enrolled until the  blue slip, a Religious Exemption or Medical Exemption is presented to the school. 


    All students 11 and older entering the sixth grade in Alabama schools must have a tetanus-diphtheria-acellular pertussis (Tdap) vaccine.   This is required because of the change from tetanus-diphtheria (Td) to (Tdap) vaccine. The Tdap vaccine will protect adolescents from pertussis and keep them from spreading disease to siblings, other family members and other students.  

     **Shots may be obatianed at Local Health Departments or Doctor's offices. 

    Alabama School Immunization Law

    Meningococal Disease Flyer

    Flu Vaccine and Disease Information