BCS Attendance Policy

  • 6.1.1 Admission to Schools Definitions: Approved: April 26, 2011
    Zone 1: The geographical area identified by the City of Boaz as lying within the city limits.
    Zone 2: The geographical area, outside the Boaz city limits, identified by the Boaz City Board of Education as acceptable for potential enrollment and attendance of students living therein, per application of policy.
    Sibling: The school-age sister or brother (full, half, adopted, step, foster), legally residing in the home of a student legally attending Boaz City Schools.
    Tuition: The fee paid to Boaz City Schools by all students approved for attendance who live outside of Zone 1. This tuition must be paid in full at registration, and is non-refundable after that date.
    Lottery: A random selection process for determination of attendance sanctions for students in Zone 2. For non-grandfathered students this process will be employed as needed to maximize the present resources within the system, as determined by the Superintendent and Board of Education
    “Grandfathered “ student: Any student residing outside the city limits who is legally attending Boaz City Schools on May 1, 2011.
    Child of an Employee: Any child (full, half, adopted, step, foster), who is legally residing in the home of a full-time employee of Boaz City Schools. Substitute, temporary, and part-time employees are excluded from this definition.
    Reside: Living full-time with a parent or legally appointed guardian at a designated address.

Students Eligible to Attend Boaz City Schools

    1.  All students residing in Zone 1. Students in Zone 1 may continue in attendance until graduation, as long as they continuously reside in Zones 1 or 2.
    2. All students residing in Zone 2, who continuously reside in Zones 1 or 2 and have been approved for attendance on a space-available basis. This will be determined by lottery, or any other random selection process approved by the superintendent and the board of education. These students will be eligible upon payment of tuition. Students in Zone 2 who are approved for attendance may continue in attendance until graduation, as long as they continuously reside in Zones 1 or 2.
    3. Grandfathered students (see definition). Grandfathered students and their siblings living outside Zones 1 and 2 may continue in attendance until their graduation date, provided they remain at the address for which they are presently approved. A move will negate the grandfathered status, and subject the student to the attendance conditions defined in this policy for the new residence.
    4. Child of an Employee (see definition)
    5. All siblings of students legally attending Boaz City Schools on May 1, 2011, provided that the siblings are attending or registered for attendance prior to the graduation of the grandfathered student.
    6.  Homeless Students – Homeless students will be permitted to enroll without regard to residency status and may be entitled to other accommodations under federal law.
    7. Students Expelled or Suspended from Other School Systems – Any student who is under suspension or expulsion from another school system or a private, parochial, or other school will not be permitted to enroll until the student has satisfied the conditions for readmission set by the expelling or suspending board or authority in addition to generally applicable admission requirements established by the Board.
    8. Required Documentation – Students entering the school system for the first time, regardless of grade level, will be required to submit a certified birth certificate, documentation or other proof of residency, and such other registration materials as school officials may reasonably require, including but not limited to a certificate of immunization or an exemption as prescribed by the Department of Health and signed by a private physician or appropriate health department official. The Superintendent may accept alternate forms of evidence or modify otherwise applicable requirements as necessary and appropriate to accommodate migrant, immigrant, or homeless students.
    9. Placement of Students – The Board will determine the placement of newly enrolled students in accordance with state law.
      • Geographical Description of Attendance Zones
      • Zone 1: All land areas within the designated city limits of Boaz.
      • Zone 2: All land areas outside the city limits, but included in the following description: 61
      • Being bounded on the North by the city limits of Albertville, E. Henderson Rd. from the city limits of Albertville East to McVille Rd., then North on McVille Road to Beulah Rd., then SE on Beulah Road crossing Hwy-168 and continuing East on Double Bridges Rd. to the Marshall/DeKalb County line, South on the Marshall/DeKalb County line to the Marshall/Etowah County line. The BCSS attendance zone will be bounded on the South by the Etowah County line with the exception of the part of Etowah County laying within the city limits of Boaz then continuing West/South West along the Etowah/Marshall County line Intersecting New Home Road. North on New Home Road To a line intersecting New Home and Coal Mine Rd, then North on Coal Mine Road to Hwy-168, East on Hwy-168 to Needmore Road, North on Needmore Road to Whitesville Road, East on Whitesville Road to Niles Road, East on Niles Road to the Northern loop of Niles Road to Mt Vernon Drive, North on Mt Vernon Drive to the city limits of Boaz. Any physical address lying on either side of the section of a road serving as a boundary will be considered in the attendance zone. The address must be on the section of the road serving as the boundary. Addresses on side roads outside the boundary but intersecting boundary roads will not be considered in the attendance zone.”

BCS Tuition Policy

  • Attendance of all students who reside outside the Boaz City limits and who otherwise meet established attendance policy criteria to attend schools within the Boaz City School System is subject to payment of tuition for the purpose of requiring students living outside Boaz City limits to bear a fair portion of the burden of local funding of Boaz City Schools, given the local support provided by ad valorem taxes for school purposes imposed on citizens of the City of Boaz. The tuition per student will be $250.00 with a maximum of $600.00 per household for the school year 2016-2017. This must be paid in full at the time of registration. Tuition is non-refundable for students who withdraw at any point after the start of the school year and will not be prorated for those students registering during an on-going school year.

    Enrollment for any semester will not be allowed until tuition for that semester has been paid in full.

    Children of employees of the Boaz City School System who reside outside the Boaz City limits are exempt from payment of tuition under this policy.

    The Boaz City Board of Education reserves the right to modify its tuition policy at any time for succeeding school years as deemed appropriate.