• Boaz Middle School serves students in grades 6-8 with approximately 510 students. At the core of what we do are our beliefs that: 

    • All persons learn, and learning is vital to a successful life
    • All persons have a right to be safe.
    • All persons are endowed by their Creator with equal, inherent value.
    • All persons bear responsibility for contributing positively to the community.
    • Excellence demands sacrifice.
    • All persons are entitled to respect and dignity.
    • All decisions and actions must be made in the students’ best interests.
    • All students deserve to be equipped with the skills essential for learning, including how to use technology, how to conduct basic research, and how to apply soft skills successfully.

     Through the use of creative scheduling we are able to provide students with individualized online instruction, skills based intervention, and small group advisory once a week.  To achieve the online instruction and skills based intervention we utilize the iReady program. This program allows us to pinpoint individual student deficiencies in reading and math and then it assigns online lessons for students to complete based on their area of need.  Each Thursday we have a 90 minute time called Pirate Period. We use 60 minutes of this time to provide teacher led skills based intervention using data from iReady. The remaining 30 minutes is used as advisory time. During advisory teachers are given short 15-20 minute lessons to complete with their group.  These lessons range from a whole school book read or soft-skill development. During this time advisory teachers are also asked to check student grades and absences so that they can encourage students to do their best work.

    In an effort to ease the transition from 5th grade to middle school, we have developed an alternative schedule for 6th grade.  This alternative schedule allows all 6th graders to spend more time in Math and English and prevents 6th grade students from transitioning classes at the same time as 7th and 8th graders.  Our 6th grade students are also given the opportunity to explore different elective classes throughout the year so that they can make a better decision about what they like when entering 7th grade. 

     On Monday, Tuesday, and Friday students come to school from 7:30 to 3:00.  Wednesday and Thursday are our early release days where students are dismissed at 2:15.  This allows us to have teacher meetings starting at 2:30 on these days. This time is extremely important to our staff as it provides us time during the work day to have department, grade level, or cross-curricular meetings.