• Corley Elementary School is located in Boaz, Alabama. Our city is in northeast Alabama, high atop Sand Mountain, in the foothills of the Appalachians. We are home to approximately 375 second and third grade students and 40 teachers and staff. Corley is one of five schools that make up the Boaz City School System.

    At Corley Elementary, we believe:

    • With the proper help and guidance, all individuals can learn.
    • Praise creates a better learning situation.
    • Educational climate and atmosphere impact the way individuals learn.
    • All individuals need a sense of belonging.
    • Safe and risk-free classrooms are necessary for learning to occur.
    • Learning is a cooperative process.
    • Students, parents, teachers, and support staff have a shared role in maintaining a successful school.
    • At Corley, we believe in children!