The Boaz City School System (BCSS) is made up of five schools- Boaz High School, Boaz Middle School, Boaz Intermediate School, Corley Elementary School, and Boaz Elementary School. Additionally, the Boaz Community Education Learning Center serves as an extended learning opportunity center. The school system serves students within the city limits of Boaz and other students outside of the attendance zone based on seats available. BCSS employs 18 administrators, 154 faculty, and 93 staff for a total of 265 full-time employees. The total student population for Boaz City Schools is 2279. Our total free and reduced count is 1472 students, or 67.32%. Boaz Elementary School maintains the highest free and reduced rate at 77.21%. The system has had a substantial increase in the percentage of families receiving free and reduced meal services. The student racial and ethnic demographics during the same time are as follows: .98% Asian, 1.52% African-American, 18.15% Hispanic, .45% American Indian, 1.25% Multi-Racial, 76.93% White, and .72% Pacific Islander. During the 2014-2015 school year, BCSS provided Exceptional Student Services for 5% of our students. Approximately, 15% of our student population is limited English proficient and qualified for the LEP services program.