Vision of Boaz City Schools

  • The vision of the Boaz City School System is an expectation of excellence everyday by everyone. (E4)

Mission of Boaz City Schools

  • The mission of the Boaz City School System is to provide a safe and nurturing environment to develop and empower productive citizens with the knowledge, skills, and character to achieve their full potential in a rapidly changing world. 

Boaz Pirates 4E

Values of Boaz City Schools

    • All persons can learn, and learning is vital to a successful life.
    • All persons have the right to be safe.
    • All persons are endowed by their Creator with equal, inherent value.
    • All persons bear responsibility for contributing positively to the community.
    • Excellence demands sacrifice.
    • All persons are entitled to respect and dignity.
    • All decisions and actions must be made in the students’ best interests.
    • All students deserve to be equipped with the skills essential for learning, including how to use technology, how to conduct basic research, and how to apply soft skills successfully.

Purpose Principles of Boaz City Schools

    • Literacy
    • Career Pathways
    • Technology Integration
    • Culture/Diversity
    • Family and Parent Engagement
    • Student and Teacher Attendance