Belief Statements - WHAT we stand for and HOW we behave as an organization

  • We believe in…

    • The essentiality of providing a safe and caring learning environment.
    • Developing the whole child – academically, socially, emotionally, and physically – to have a strong work ethic and real-world skills for success.
    • Meaningful community and school partnerships.
    • Operating in an ethical, moral, and professional manner.

Purpose - WHY we exist as an organization

  • The PURPOSE of Boaz City Schools is to provide impactful educational opportunities that enhance the potential of everyone in their chosen path of life.

Vision - WHAT we want to achieve as an organization

  • The VISION of Boaz City Schools is to serve as an innovative standard of excellence, inspiring life-long learners who make meaningful contributions to a dynamic world.

Mission - HOW we want to achieve our vision

  • The MISSION of Boaz City Schools is to cultivate a positive, student-centered learning environment championed by well-equipped, exceptional educators.

Motto - An expression of the organizational spirit

  • Anchored in Excellence