Welcome to the BMS Library!

  • Because of COVID-19, things are a little different in the library right now (just like pretty much everything else in the world). We are still open – sort of.  You can still browse and check out books, but for now, you will have to do so virtually and remotely.   You can also check out books from our digital/audio collection through SORA.  I’ll give directions for all of this below.  You can still come in the library (with a mask on, of course) to turn in books or to renew books.  This is nice because I get to see your face (or what little I can see with your mask on).  You just cannot touch books on the shelves right now, and when you turn in a book, we have to quarantine it for 72 hours.  Hopefully COVID-19 will go away soon, and we can get back to old-school book browsing, Maker Mondays, and Free-Read Fridays.  In the meantime, here are some ways you can browse the collection virtually and check out books remotely from BMS library. 

  • Directions for Browsing, Reserving, and Checking Out a Book Remotely from BMS Library

    • From the BMS Website, scroll down to Popular Links and choose the Library OPAC link
    • Click "LOG ON" in the Account box in the top, right-hand corner.  Both your username and passworrd are your lunch number.
    • Once you are logged in, go to the Search box in the top, left-hand corner.  From there you can search for a book by title, author, or subject.  You can also click the "Media" button below the search field box to search by genre.  Just check the genre you would like to search.  Then scroll to the bottom and click "Search."
    • Scroll through the results until you find what you are looking for.  Next, click on the title you like.  From there you can go ahead and click the "Reserve" button and follow the prompts to reserve the book, or you can click the "Snapshot" tab to read an expanded summary, reviews, or an excerpt.  
    • When you get ready to reserve your book, first click the "Summary" tab.  Then click the "Reserve" button on the right-hand side.  This will take you to the Reserve page where you will click "Reserve" again and then follow the prompts to confirm your reservation.  
    • The OPAC will then send us a message in the library notifying us of your reservation.  We will pull the book, check it out to you, then deliver it to you.  When you finish your book, simply bring it back to the library and place it on the return book cart.  


    Directions for Checking Out a Digital or Audio Book in SORA

    • From your Google browser, pull down the BCSS Bookmarks list located in the top left corner and log into your CLEVER account.  
    • Log into your CLEVER account then scroll down until you find the SORA icon.


    • Once you click the SORA icon, it may ask you to sign in using Boaz City School District.  If so, go ahead and do this to get into SORA.
    • From here, you can explore available titles or scroll down and explore by subject.  
    • You can click "Read Sample" or "Listen to Sample" to read or hear an excerpt from the book.  If it is something you like, just click "Borrow" to download the book. 
    • The book will stay checked out to you for 14 days.  If you finish early, you can select the book from your "Home" screen in SORA and opt to go ahead and turn the book in.  You can also renew a book from the "Home" screen if you need to keep your book a little longer.  
    • If you have questions about using SORA, please email me at mmcrae@boazk12.org, or you can swing by the library.