Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Koehler

Mrs. Koehler is a wife, mother of two, mother of 1 furbaby, and calls all her students her kiddos! Both of her children graduated from Boaz.  Jake is now working as a welder, using the degree he obtained from GSCC and Erica is currently in her Sophomore year at SSCC.  Bella, the furbaby, is 4 years old and rules the Koehler residence, at least she thinks she does.


Mrs. Koehler began her teaching career in 1991. Her stats are as follows:

3rd grade self contained

K-9 PE

1st and 2nd Reading and Math Intervention

2nd grade self contained

K-6 Academic and Behavioral Teacher

6th - 8th grade Language and Special Education

K- 8th grade Special Education / Multi-needs

K- 12th Gifted / Educational Specialist


Mrs. Koehler loves teaching and traveling.  She is happiest when she is touring the world with students. Opening students' eyes to what a huge world we live in and all the exciting opportunities there are in it! If you wish to travel with her in the summer please contact her.