• Expectations of Students 

    • Login to your Google Classroom accounts daily to find and complete assignments 
    • Set your phone or device to receive notifications regarding assignments and emails 
    • Check your email multiple times each day 
    • Students who are not completing assignments can be referred for truancy 
    • Complete tests within the time frame that is given 
    • Teachers may assign time limits for tests as well as timelines for tests to be completed 
    • Once online tests are opened, they must be completed and submitted within the given time frame 
    • Complete and submit assignments within the time frame that is given 
    • You are expected to turn in assignments according to the same deadlines and due dates given to traditional students and you will be graded accordingly 
    • You will have to be disciplined with your school work and failure to submit assignments within the allotted time will result in reduced grades and/or zeros 
    • If you do not understand an assignment, reach out to your teacher for help in a timely manner - do not let deadlines pass and then tell your teachers that you didn’t understand or could not submit the assignment 
    • Familiarize yourself with the grading policies of each of your teachers. In particular, pay attention to policies related to late or un-submitted assignments 
    • Best practice: set up a designated time period each day and an appropriate space for working on school assignments 

    Expectations of Teachers 

    • Teachers will post assignments daily or may provide a weekly assignment list 
    • Teachers will assign deadlines for assignments and will grade accordingly when those deadlines are not met 
    • Teachers will ensure that students have access to and understanding of their grading guidelines for assignments and tests, including how penalty points and zeroes will be assigned for late or missing work 
    • Teachers may assign time limits and set times for tests to maintain test security 
    • Teachers will give advance notice for testing times 

    Expectation of Parents / Guardians 

    • Check your child’s progress on a regular basis 
    • Ask your child to see their submissions 
    • Check your child’s grades in Chalkable 
    • Encourage your child to set a daily schedule and routine for working on assignments