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Boaz High School Named Alabama Bicentennial School

Gov. Kay Ivey and the Alabama Bicentennial Commission announced the list of 200 schools that were selected at a luncheon in Montgomery. Each institution deemed a bicentennial school was awarded a $2,000 grant that will go toward a project to help educate the community as the State of Alabama celebrates 200 years of being recognized as a state.

“The opportunity for Boaz High School to serve as one of Alabama’s Bicentennial Schools allows us to focus on community regeneration, redefining and reinforcing who we are by engaging our citizens, both young and old, to honor and appreciate our past while planning for our future,” Stanley said. “Boaz High School’s path to becoming a Bicentennial school began three years ago in Mr. John Lowery’s Leadership/Teaching Seminar class at Boaz High School. This project emerged from student discussions centered around history, local history, preservation, and the creation of a cultural history center.”

As the Boaz Cultural Society works to purchase and renovate the Snellgrove Homestead into a cultural center, Boaz students will create a documentary about the process of its preservation and development. Stanley said the project aligns perfectly with what Boaz is all about.

“As an Alabama Bicentennial School, the students, teachers, and administrators of Boaz High School believe in not only having our students college and career ready, but having them life ready and understanding the connection between serving others and developing a thriving community,” Stanley said. “Through this work, the impact on our community will have a lasting effect, enhancing the quality of life for all current and future Boaz citizens.”


Excerpt from Sand Mountain Reporter