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Four Boaz High School students (l to r: Jayden Bobo, Chandler Ayers, Rene Shipman, and Noah Calvert) represented BHS at the Military Order of the World Wars’ (MOWW) Youth Leadership Conference


Boaz High School students (l to r:  Jayden Bobo, Chandler Ayers, Rene Shipman, and Noah Calvert) represented BHS at the Military Order of the World Wars’ (MOWW) Youth Leadership Conference in Huntsville last week on Nov. 1st through the 4th.  

Since MOWW’s establishment in 1919, MOWW members ("Companions") have lived by the Military Order's motto, “It is nobler to serve than to be served.”  MOWW serves America’s youth by hosting Youth Leadership Conference (YLC) programs throughout the United States. These students receive patriotic education on leadership in a free society, free enterprise system concepts, principles of democracy, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and civic responsibilities associated with preserving American rights and freedoms. 

Jayden Bobo and Chandler Ayers were participants at the conference, while Rene Shipman and Noah Calvert served as counselors having participated last year.  At next year's conference, Jayden and Chandler will return as counselors as requested by Retired Colonel Dunlap.  We are very proud of our BHS Pirates!